Photo by: Aaron Bratkovicks

Hi there! I’m Haley Scornaienchi (pronounced- score-knee-ayne-key) aka “Hay Scorn” and I love to workout and have fun in the sun… or as my tattoo would say “Live in the sunshine”.

I am so thrilled you landed on my blog, and if you’re reading this then good for you. Let’s just start off by saying I am not a writer. That was actually my worst subject in school; so don’t expect extravagant writing. However, I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and I coach at my boyfriend Dans, amazing box in Pacific Beach San Diego called CrossFit Windansea.

Here is a little bit about my background. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA- scary right? You’re wrong. I actually went to middle school and high school in a little town called Brentwood, which is about 45 min east from O-town.  My parents moved back to Oakland when my two brothers and I were all graduated from high school- thank goodness!

When I was 13, my mom noticed I was puffy in my face and stomach and thought it was strange that an active teenage girl would come home from school and sleep for 2 hours. She did what any worried mother would do, and took me to the doctors just to “make sure”. My blood pressure was as high as an overweight middle aged man; it was 160/104. The normal blood pressure is 120/80. They immediately made me take a urine test and blood test. Which then, rushed me to the hospital in an ambulance. My mom wasn’t even able to drive me herself because they said I could have a stroke at any moment. I was 13 and more upset about the fact that I couldn’t fly to Florida the next day for Wake boarding camp.

Sorry, I’ll try to keep this short. The doctors diagnosed me with Nephrotic Syndrome which is a very rare kidney disease that they have no clue how you get it. Basically, my Kidneys were not able to do their job (filter). I battled it for two years taking all kinds of medicine like Prednisone, Lisinopril, and a chemo drug that you take when you have cancer called Cytoxan. My kidney specialist Dr. Oroloff made me cut out salt completely from my diet. Thank God that my favorite food was salad! I literally only ate veggies and lean meats (obviously no season) for TWO YEARS! I took medicine every single day and blood tests every other week.

My doctor swore that I went into remission so “fast” because of my diet. They said that when you have this disease that there is a 75% chance that you can relapse. Well, 10 years later and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been all thanks to CrossFit and my lifestyle. I am a big believer of “you are what you eat”. I definitely think if I chose a different lifestyle path or went out an partied a lot (like most people do in their 20’s) then I could for sure relapse. Anyway, enough about that!

When I graduated I immediately moved to Santa Barbara (the prettiest place on earth) and went to school for photography at Brooks Institute. I graduated and got my degree, however didn’t pursue my career in photography. Why? Because I fell in love with CrossFit my last year of school.

I was always active growing up (wakeboarding, snowboarding, cheerleading, etc.), and stopped sports when I was in college focusing on just photography. I missed moving my body. I would occasionally go for runs on the beach and got really into Insanity; yet it wasn’t enough and I wasn’t consistent.

I finally reached out to one of my friends from school and asked him about CrossFit. He told me he would take me to a class at the gym he went too. So, I went and I wanted to leave right away when I walked in. Just like any newbie would think, it was intimidating. Anyway, I stayed and did my first workout fell instantly in love. Oh, and my boyfriend (Dan) was the coach- so that’s how we met and the rest is history, obvi.

That’s me in a nutshell. If you made it this far down, then hopefully that’s a good thing and I didn’t bore you to death. Here you will see a lot of stuff about fitness, my lifestyle, and my travels (when I do get too go)! No I am not a nutritionist, (I didn’t learn that in photography school) but I do know how to eat healthy!

I hope you like my blog. I will use my passion for fitness and photography to make some exciting content for you guys!

Welp! See you later!

– Hay Scorn