Hi strangers! It’s me again. Yes yes it’s been awhile…. Not even going to put an excuse so let’s just jump right into it.

For those who CrossFit; we did it!! Congrats on completing the open (if you did). That was a hell of a run! I actually planned on this post being at the START of the open, but 5 weeks later here we are talking about what could have helped during this period and that my friends is RECOVERY.

I get asked frequently how/ what I do for my recovery with training. Here’s my favorite go-to/ everyday recovery tools.


  1. Soft Tissue Mashing

This is an everyday routine. Pre-workout. First thing when I do when coming into the gym is get my carbs and bcaas mixed together, grab a foam roller or this little blue ball (Rouge Super Nova) and start mashing up my muscles. Out of routine, I naturally start from the bottom up. Starting with the calfs, hamstrings, glutes, and then get deep up in my scapula, lats and traps. Depending on how sore I am, and how much time I have for mobility, I’ll spend 10-20 minutes with this baby.

The super nova is the shit and a MUST HAVE for everyone. A regular old lacrosse ball doesn’t do justice to the supernova mainly because the texture of the ball allowing it to get in the muscle for breaking up the tissue better.

2. Hand Care

This is SO ESSENTIAL. If you aren’t taking care of your hands with all the lifting and gymnastics that is involved with CrossFit YOU ARE BOUND TO RIP! Once or twice a week, I will shave my calluses with a callus shaver that you can buy at CVS or amazon for like $5. It doesn’t hurt and takes 5 minutes to shave off the dead skin, leaving your hands fresh and even.

WOD WELDER is my favorite hand care product! After shaving my calluses, I will roll on the Dry Skin fix, then take the hand cream, rub it on the callus and then my hands together. This stuff is amazing and another must-have. It will save you from ripping and WHEN you rip. Makes the skin grow back faster and smoother.



3. Power Dot

This thing is my little bestie. It SAVED me during the open. The second I was done cooling down from the open workouts, I’d put this on whichever muscle was being destroyed during 17.whatever.

If you aren’t familiar with Power Dot, it’s a muscle stim device that recovers and warms uo your muscles. It’s wireless and connects right to your phone which is very nice, rather than carrying a device around wherever you go. There are so many settings and different muscle groups you can hit.

This is one of the pricier investments for recovery, but totally worth it.



4. ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day)

Last but not least, ROMWOD! Good ole stretching. Can’t ever go wrong with stretching, in fact that’s JUST as important as your training so DON’T skip it! The best part about ROMWOD is you can do it anywhere, anytime. 20 minutes a day and all you gotta do is log in, press play, and follow along. SO EASY! You don’t have to think.


There you have it! My 4 go-to, must-haves recovery tools! There’s a ton out there, but these are my daily uses. Have fun, train hard and recover even harder.

Welp, see ya later!



Hay Scorn


Wardrobe by: Vull Sport

Photography: Paige Wells

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