Yaaaaas. Ok, you probably know by now that I live in gym clothes. And when I say live, I literally mean LIVE; 24/7 sweatpants, pineapple bun, no makeup… like…I don’t even own a regular bra…You get it now?

However, I am still a girl and I like get out of the gym and wear regular clothes once in a while. When I try, I think I’ve got some good style!

Yes, I love love love finding cheap clothes because I don’t have a big budget to splurge on fancy clothes, but my favorite places to shop are small boutiques. It feels way more satisfying when I buy from a small boutique rather than a big clothing store. I feel special and unique.

There is a small boutique in the Bay Area called Drift Co. and they are right up my fashion alley. Beachy, chic, sunshine style that I adore.

Don’t mind the shins…what can I say? The barbell loves me.

Sol Angeles Yes We Coffee


Show Me Your Mumu Rancho Fringe Skirt



On the Road Wildfox Dress



Dylan the Desperado by Boys and Arrows



If you’re ever in Pleasanton, CA be sure to stop by Drift Co.!

(925) 789-7345
711 Main Street Pleasanton,CA 94566

Welp, see ya later!


-Hay Scorn



    1. Girl I love what you’re getting at in this blog and especially this post! Crossfit girls can be fit and fabulous! Ya feel me? I love my active wear haha but I also like to go out and be girly. Love it and love folllowing you!

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