My Go-t0 Protein Bars


I wanted to share my favorite protein bars that I pretty much eat every day. After training, I don’t have a lot time to have a full meal because I go straight into coaching. I will have a Xendurance protein shake and then about 30 minutes later I’ll munch on a protein bar to hold me over.

These three are my favorite brands!

Socks by Stance. Bra & shorts by KFT Brands.

Quest Cereal Bar

This is my recent favorite! I got a couple in Januarys Gainz Box and was impressed. The texture is just as expected (cereal) and tastes like a cinnamon roll! The other flavor is waffle and that is just as tasty. There is even little frosting drizzled on top. Sounds like a lot of sugar right?! Only 8g! Which is not bad compared to most store bought “protein” bars. In this little bar you get 12g of protein, 4.5g of fat, and 17g of carbs. Now, I am no macro expert, but those are some good numbers for a pre-workout snack. I’ve been eating these when I coach morning classes, because “breakfast”. Anyway, if you like Quest Bars in general, your taste buds will enjoy these cereal bars.


Power Crunch

Beach essentials….. check! Actually, I’ve never eaten this protein bar at the beach, but it can definitely be a beach snack. This bar tastes like those wafer cookies you can buy at any grocery store! Except without all the sugar, and you get some protein out of it! Be careful, they can be crumby. I refrigerate mine so they don’t melt and don’t fall apart as easy. The crumbs are worth it though let me tell you. There are a bunch of flavors, but you can’t go wrong with good ole vanilla. The texture is so light and crisp with a frosting texture in between the wafers. Ugh, so good! I never realize I am done until I can’t find it!

I eat these after I’ve coached a couple classes. There are 14g of protein, 13g of fat, and 8g of carbs. This wouldn’t be an ideal pre-workout snack since you don’t want to eat more fats than carbs because of slower digestion. However, perfect for an evening snack! Like I said, they would make a great beach snack that way you don’t have to pick up the crumbs.


Perfect Bar

Ohhhh the Mother Theresa of all protein bars. I’ve been eating these babies on the daily for years. Seriously, if you’ve never tried one, go to Vons or Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts or even 7-11, and grab yourself one! Especially all you peanut butter lovers! This is an anytime snack that will fill you up for a couple hours… or an hour if you’re a fatty like me.

Don’t worry, there are a ton of flavors that don’t involve peanut butter for those who hate it or can’t have it. They have a couple Vegan choices as well. Anyway, this is my go-to flavor. Dan and I buy a couple boxes from Costco whenever we go just to stalk up. They come with 12 in a box. 4 Cranberry Light, 4 Peanut Butter, and 4 Almond Butter for $20 bucks!

Warning: YOU MUST HAVE WATER WITHIN REACH while consuming. These are thick. I can only eat one if I have water with me (which is always) so no big deal. You keep these in the fridge or else they will melt, however, you can still eat them…they’ll just be a little soft and warm.

I will eat this whenever I know I won’t be eating for a while or again, during coaching I’ll eat half and then eat the other half later. Sometimes, if I am starving during strength while I’m training, I will have a quick little bite to get some tackling fuel. Protein is 17g, Fat is 18g, and Carbs are 26g. Ok, it seems like a lot of fat, but these ingredients are ALL natural! Everything you’re getting out of this bar is high quality, so don’t be scared of the numbers.


Okay! There you have it. I get asked frequently what snacks I eat, so I thought it was necessary to share! Thank you for reading and I hope you get to try these bars!

Welp! See ya later,


Hay Scorn

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