Holiday @Home Workouts!

Happy Holidays!

We all know  ’tis the season to NOT workout, but that’s bullshit. There really is no excuse. Don’t get me wrong, I can be extremely guilty of this. Every year my family goes on vacation for the Holidays and I always find a way around working out. All it takes is 20-30 minutes out of your day to get a little sweat! Holidays are not an excuse to skip out on your health and fitness.

So, I made you all a little present; 5 days of workouts that you can do ANYWHERE!! These are made for ALL fitness levels. Scale as needed. 🙂 Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and have a Happy New Year!

Remember, “It’s All Mental”!

(Photos of movements will be above that days workout. Not all movements are shown, most are self explanatory.)

Day 1:

A. As many rounds as possible in 5 mins, (repeat 3 times, with a 1 min rest between AMRAPS)

  • 20 Jumping Lunges (if this is too difficult, just do regular lunges. Knee touches ground each rep. 10 ea. leg)
  • 10 Burpees (chest and thighs touch ground)

This workout is a total of 17 mins.

B. Accumulate 3 mins in a Plank (forearms).

Total Time: 20 min

Day 2:

A. 5 rounds for time:

  • 40 Air Squats (cut reps if beginner)
  • 10 Push Ups (chest and thighs touch, go on your knees/ or put hands on a chair if you cannot do a regular push up.)
  • 50 Mountain Climbers (1 ct. foot touches ground each rep, try to get foot as close to hands as possible for a full range of motion.)
  • 10 V-Ups (Each rep starts and ends in a hollow position. Do Leg Lifts if you cannot do a V-Up.)

Total Time: est. 30 min

Day 3:

A. For Time:

  • Cash in- 200 Jumping Jacks
  • 5k run
  • Cash Out- 100 Sit Ups (shoulders pass the hip on the way up, shoulders touch ground on way down)

Total Time: est. 20+ min.


Day 4:

A. Every 1 minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

  • 8-12 Burpees (choose a rep count that takes no longer than 40 sec)

rest 3 minutes then,

B. As many rounds as possible in 7 mins:

  • 10 Glute Raises
  • 20 Flutter Kicks (1 ct.)
  • 30 Lunges holding Object Overhead (this can be ANYTHING you can find in your house. If never done before, use a pillow)

Total Time: 20 min



Day 5:

A. Tabata!

  • Thruster (ANY OBJECT, If you have kettle bells or dumbbells use them A Thruster is a front squat into a press)
  • Tricep Dips (use a chair)
  • Russian Twist (use any object, or just touch hands on each side)
  • Hollow Body Rocks or Hold

Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest. Perform all 8 rounds of each movement before moving onto the next. 4 minutes per movement. Rest 1 minute between movements.

Total Time: 19 min.

Please let me know if you do any of these workouts! You can email me @ or insta message me! (@hayscorn) It’s not much, but it will get your heart rate up and get you off the couch! Get up and get your body moving, you will thank yourself!

Welp, see ya later!


-Hay Scorn


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