Goodbye Acne!

Okay, before you think that I am giving beauty advise, I am NOT! I’m the one getting help from my best friend Amanda who is an esthetician at Peaches Skin Care in Santa Barbara. My face is like a 15-year-old boy going through puberty… sad, but true and it’s finally time I do something about it. I’ve always been good about washing my face twice a day, but not with quality product. When Amanda and I used to live with each other, she would always get on me about doing her skin care routine, but I was 20 and didn’t really care or see how important it was at the time.

Now, working out and spending 8 hours in a CrossFit gym everyday, my face is surrounded by germs. It’s been pretty bad the past year and I have finally realized how essential it is to have a skin care routine. Peaches Skin Care is known for their luxurious Signature Facial, which gives you those amazing results! At their spas, they take pride in giving each client a specific skin care routine, which is why they’ve won BEST facial of 2016 according to the SB Independent! They also have locations in Montgomery, Ohio and Long Beach, California. Their products are ALL NATURAL. No bad chemicals, fillers, synthetic colors, or preservatives.

Here are the products that I have been using for the past week and already see and feel a difference in my skin! peaches-3

Flawless Exfoliator

I use this twice a day before cleansing. It feels amazing and you can feel it scrubbing off the dead skin and creating a clear pallet for the cleanser! “Our Organic Exfoliator fills the skin with powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C by incorporating blueberries, hibiscus, cranberries as well as others natural botanicals.” (Peaches) Yes, you can smell the blueberries.


Classic Cleanser and Restore Cleanser

I use the Classic Cleanser in the morning. This feels AMAZING while applying which is from the Jojoba beads. Plus, it smells like the orange field on the ‘Soarin Over California’ ride at California Adventures. I love it. It actually feels like its cleaning your face, unlike a lot of drug store face washes.

At night, I use the Restore Cleanser. This is “An antibacterial wash for post-workouts or any time in between.  This extraordinary cleanser is filled with the healing power of Star Flower, Olive and Rose Hip oils. These Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an abundance of pure antioxidants, help to kill bacteria and fungus while working to repair and soothe overworked skin.” (Peaches) This is just what my face needs!


Perfecting Polish

I’ll use this 3-4 times a week after using all of the above. This is a perfect finish. Of course it smells good just like the others. My face has definitely already seen results using the product. “Sugar and milk act as a natural enzyme, lightening dark pigment, scar tissue, and sun damage. Not just lightening or hiding dark spots or discoloration but completely removing.” (Peaches) My face already has lightened up just with in a week!


Perfect pH Toner

Ahhhh, talk about refreshing! I look forward to spraying this on my face after cleansing. To be honest, sometimes when my face needs a little wake up or refreshment, I spray it on. Feels and smells so good!

“This multi-functional hydrating toner includes natural proteins that help maintain elasticity, bio-extracts that hydrate, ginseng, and minerals that enhance the skin’s natural repair process.” (Peaches) Everyone needs this!


Firming Creme

This stuff feels like magic! It’s crazy how a small amount can go a long way. You literally dip your fingertip and it spreads evenly on your whole face! I usually don’t like how moisturizer feels on my skin (because I’ve never had a good one), but this is perfect. It doesn’t make your skin oily or feel clogged up.

“Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of this high performance crème, showing visible skin improvement within four weeks – reduction of superficial facial lines by 36% and increasing skin firmness by 21%. This high-tech complex contains antioxidant ingredients including Vitamin E that help firm and tighten skin and enhance and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.  Formulated to help bring up new tissue, this moisturizer is pure face food.” (Peaches)


THANK YOU Peaches Skin Care especially Amanda for helping me get my skin care routine in check! If you guys are ever in Santa Barbara, Ohio, or Long Beach go in and get a facial!

If you would like to purchase any of the products I listed, the link is in the description under each!

Welp! See ya later!


Hay Scorn

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