Make Your Morning Coffee Stylin’


Happy Monday! Have you had your coffee fix yet? I have thanks to my new coffee mugs handmade by my dear friend Molly Tilove with Tilove Designs. Molly just recently started her own small business creating custom coffee mugs and they are adorable! She has a ton of designs as well as mug sets! I got Dan and I “I like his guns” and “I like her buns” couples set.

I am all about supporting small business’. Especially when you know the owners, it’s amazing to see their passion and hard work come together to create something unique. My family has a couple of their own small business’s, as well as Dan starting his own small business; so whenever I get the chance to work with others, I genuinely enjoy it.

Since it was just Small Business Saturday, I thought I’d share Molly’s start up business! Check them out, they will make great for holiday gifts!

Welp! See ya later…


-Hay Scorn


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