What inspired me to create this blog?

Hi there!

Welcome to my new blog! I am Haley (you probably already know that) it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by.

You’re probably wondering what the hell this blog is about… Well, it WILL be about a few things; fitness, lifestyle and things I dream about/ inspire me/ travel/ still working on that third category. Anyway, fitness is a passion of mine and I want to share my journey with you guys, throw some tips out there, and hopefully motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. My lifestyle is a reflection of who I am so why not share that too. If you head over to my about me, then it will make sense.

Now, WHY did I decide to create a blog? To be honest, I did it for myself mainly. It sparks my creative side that keeps me alive.

However, there are a variety of specific reasons that actually made me FINALLY start a blog. (In no specific order) Here they are…

  1. My new apartment- Weird right? The past year my boyfriend Dan, Jimmie (my 10-year-old maltese), and I were living in a 400 sq. ft. STUDIO! Talk about relationship tester huh? Haha. No but really, it wasn’t my “ideal” living situation. Everything had to be in bed; sitting, eating, hanging out, watching TV. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove my bed (currently writing this in bed) but when it’s literally the only thing you can do when you’re home; it gets tiring after awhile (no pun intended). Nonetheless, we found an adorable one bedroom apartment once our lease was up and I’ve been going a little crazy with the decorating. Still missing art on the walls and photos in the frames, but it’s coming together! I missed having a kitchen table and a couch! So, moral of the story; it’s been inspiring me to create!Processed with VSCO with n1 preset
  2. “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert- I picked up this book in the airport when I was on my way to New York for a Reebok photo-shoot. Keep in mind it’s been years since I read a book, but it’s something I am learning to love! If you are a creative person or wanting to create something, I highly recommend this book. She goes into depth about “creative living beyond fear” and how ideas and inspiration works. Everything Gilbert says is spot on. Truly amazing and inspired me to create again. img_2068
  3. Instagram- You betcha. If you do follow me on insta, you know I love it. Social media has been an awesome way for me to meet people and be apart of brands. It’s definitely a place where I can remain creative on a daily basis. Many people have told me that I inspire them, which then, inspires me. When people reach out to me and give me positive feedback, it makes me want to do more. I love sharing and connecting with people through IG and it’s become a big impact in my life.

    Photo by: Michael Quiet
  4. CrossFit- I mean, that’s obvious. I am in a CrossFit gym every single day of the week and I still get to meet people from all across the world. CrossFit has given me opportunities that I never thought possible. It’s inspired me to create this blog because I want to show my coaching side and athlete side. I love being both. Although I have only done two CrossFit competitions, that’s why I like to call myself an “athlete in the making” because that’s my goal; is to become an athlete in this sport. I’ll get more in depth with that in another post. Processed with VSCO with e7 preset
  5. Lastly, my dog Jimmie (or James). He has been there since day one, and nobody will ever understand how I much I love this dog. Especially if you know him, he’s not the best when it comes to socializing. 🙂


So there you have it. The top 5 reasons I made this blog. As it grows, you will learn more about me and my sarcastic personality. Don’t worry, I am not sarcastic all the time- only if you are to me. 😉 I’ll do a post on some fun facts about me soon. Here’s some things to know now. I am pretty shy (at first) but open up real quick, I can’t go a day without quoting a movie, I tear up at almost everything (even happy stuff, I think I got that from both of my grandmas lol), and I’ve always been pretty bossy. Growing up with 3 boys (my two brothers and younger cousin), I had no choice! I guess that’s why I was cheer captain and now a CrossFit coach. Don’t worry, I mean well. 😉

Welp! See you later!


-Hay Scorn

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